K2 is an Italian children's television channel owned by Discovery Networks Europe. Its registered office is in Rome. In 2003 as a block then in 2009 as channel


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K2 started out as a syndicated block for several local stations. In 2009, K2 became a TV channel.[1] Jetix Italy management bought Jetix Italy, renamed as Switchover Media, agreed to purchase the channel and GXT from Jetix Europe in June 2009.[2][3] K2 was acquired in the January 2013 purchase of Switchover by Discovery Communications.[4] The channel closed on June 14, 2018.


The channel was programmed for different age groups throughout the day. Kids 5 to 10 programming was on In the early mornings and early afternoons with action and comedy series mix including Pokémon, The Fairly OddParents (Now on Nickelodeon), Mr. Bean (also aring on Boomerang) and Sabrina. The preschool age group is the focus in the mid-morning with shows like Babar (13 episode only, 2010). Families is focus during primetime hours with programming like The Cosby Show with animated series such as Total Drama Action and game shows Wipeout and American Gladiators.[5]

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